Company profile

KPa-BM Holdings Limited was incorporated in May 2015. We operate our business through our operating subsidiaries: KPa Engineering Limited, KPa Engineering (HK) Limited and BuildMax Limited.

KPa Engineering Limited was established in 1991 specializing in design and build projects. We also provide services such as offering total solutions for complex architectural designs and construction projects.

Ranging from consulting, drafting, design engineering to supplying and installing, we offer first-class project management services to developers, contractors and private clients from residential, commercial, industrial, educational and infrastructural sectors.

Having successfully been awarded the certification of ISO9001, we are also on the “Approved List of Supplier/Specialist Contractor for Structural Steel Works” and “Prefabricated Architectural Walls and Finishes (Sound Barriers) for Public Works” under the Environment, Transport and Works Bureau. With solid experience and extensive know-how in engineering and construction techniques, we have engaged in various large-scale construction projects in Hong Kong.

Having partnered with renowned international building material companies and achieved market accreditation, we guarantee that our work pieces are qualified, robust and up to standard. Together with our personalized designs and services, we have gained tremendous recognition in the industry.

To accomplish the social responsibility of fulfilling the individual needs of various clients, we have recently allocated unprecedented effort and resources to the development of “corporate imaging”, hoping to keep in pace with the dynamic market and to benefit members of the mass public.

Our passion is to build a better future for the community and to inspire the team to turn ideas into reality.

BuildMax Limited is a specialist supplier and contractor of various high quality building products. We provide a comprehensive Design-Supply and Design-Supply-Installation packages to our customers' specifications, and free services to architects, engineers, business partners and construction companies in supplying up-to-date data, design details and installation methods.

We are dedicated to providing our customers the best products and services which meet their expectations.